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Seabreeze Management Tactics to Avoid Obligations

A thriving HOA management needs to focus on what it can do best for homeowners and the association. Things may not go well when the leadership exhibits bullying behavior towards homeowners. Such actions include threatening, insulting, and treating others with cruelty.

Seabreeze Management Is a Culprit for Bullying

Seabreeze Management has been on the spot for unjust treatment of homeowners. While a homeowner may be in the legal right, the company doesn't consider this but own selfish interests. One of the notable incidents is sending a CEASE and DESIST when you raise safety and health issues. Seabreeze Management blamed a homeowner, citing false information and lying.

Seabreeze Management Needs to Focus on the Appropriate Services

The company's goal is to ensure a safe living environment and enforce rules and regulations. The homeowners collaborating with Seabreeze own condos in Southern California and have lived here for 11 years. During this period, the company has been the go-to property management firm. It has been working seamlessly, but issues started several months ago. Recently, Spencer Gilbert, the head board member, and Seabreeze management have isolated homeowners by:

  • Towing and/or Giving: They do this even for lawfully parked cars.

  • Fining homeowners for 'rule violation': This has been happening for over a decade. Seabreeze Management applies discriminative rule enforcement to homeowners who question the HOA's decision.

Availing Preferential Treatment to Board Members

The company overlooks violations and offers some homeowners and board members preferential treatment. For example, the head board member got his balcony repaired first when other balconies were in a worse condition.

Using HOA Funds to Settle Lawyers for Personal Gain

Homeowners do not enjoy their First Amendment Rights because Seabreeze Management uses HOA funds to pay attorneys trying to silence homeowners. They use these tactics to intimidate and single out homeowners.

Historically, the company has been ignoring its duties to offer a safe and comfortable living environment. Neglecting dilapidated steps has caused some homeowners to injure themselves. John Cesarz, Robert Hammersley, and Spencer Gilbert have failed to repair the steps. This is a concern to many residents, and homeowners need to know Seabreeze Management isn't caring for clients' safety and health.

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