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CEO, Isaiah Henry and Seabreeze Management Discriminate Against Ukranian Family

In a state as diverse as California, you still have high executives as Isaiah Henry and corporate companies such as Seabreeze Management discriminating against legal immigration. Isaiah Henry and Spencer Gilbert have allegedly discriminated against a Ukranian family located in one of the communities Seabreeze Management in Aliso Viejo has a contract for. After several months of written notices, phone calls, and emails with video/picture evidence for discrimination, health and safety issues, negligence, and lies, Seabreeze continued with their tactics which forced the family to get an attorney.

After several months of the family trying to get the attention of executives and CEO, Isaiah Henry, they finally hired an attorney and got Seabreeze's attention. By this time the damage caused by Seabreeze Management's Property Manager, Spencer Gilbert had already been done. Spencer's lies and deceit started to unravel once the Ukrainian Family Attorney dove in deeper. Spencer Gilbert and Isaiah Henry made the following claims:

  • Death Threats were made in Seabreeze's conference room full of approximately 15+ Board Members and Homeowners. Spencer Gilbert told the Sheriff's Department he heard the homeowner make the death threats.

  • Video evidence of the resident destroying steps Seabreeze Management received a violation from Code Enforcement to fix.

  • Attorneys for Seabreeze Accused the homeowners of lying on social media platforms and sent a Cease and Desist letter trying to take away their first amendment right.

Once the Ukrainian family's attorney challenged Seabreeze Management's attorney asking for the video and picture evidence of their claims, the attorney said he will get the information asap. Several weeks later and several attempts to review these claims, the attorney has ignored and failed to produce such evidence. After failing to provide supporting evidence of their claims, Spencer Gilbert called the Sheriff's Department to have the homeowners removed. Spencer Gilbert and all parties in the meeting admitted they did not hear the homeowner make death threats.

Spencer Gilbert and Isaiah Thomas (Seabreeze Management Team) noticed the Ukrainian flag hanging during their walk around the community and suggested to the resident on a telephone conversation, you should take down that Ukranian flag before you are fined $100 again for having something hand over your balcony. Spencer's and Seabreeze's negligence, lies, deceit and discrimination has been shown through their actions, words, negligence, and discrimination is unacceptable. They are costing the HOA thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars in additional attorney fees and unnecessary expenses for poor work done by their recommended contractor.

If you or anyone you know is being discriminated against by Seabreeze Management, contact us and we will help to the best of our ability.

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